Development Initiatives

To achieve the city’s goals of broadening and diversifying the economy, increasing local employment
and business opportunities and improving the overall quality of life, the DC government has devised
and is implementing targeted strategic development initiatives. Most importantly, Washington, DC
offers a range of financial incentives to attract and retain businesses and associations in the District.
These include tax, technology, relocation and green/sustainability incentives to encourage small,
medium and large businesses to move within the city limits and employ locals. There is also a strong
effort to reinvigorate stalled development projects. Development programs are aimed at rejuvenating distressed areas as new mixed-use neighborhoods that combine affordable housing, retail and 
business,  with the objective of turning DC into a world class retail city with a strong core and vibrant neighborhoods. Another core program is the Sustainable DC initiative, which aims to transform the
District into the healthiest, greenest, and most livable city in the United States.


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