According to 2010 census data, DC has a population of 601,723, but a more recent census estimate puts DC’s
population at nearly 618,000 residents. DC’s recent growth rate is remarkable, outpacing the growth rate of all
50 states, a clear indication of the city’s healthy, growing economy. Adding over 1000 residents per month, DC
ranks the 25th most populous place in the United States. Furthermore, during the workweek, the large inflow of
commuters from the suburbs adds about 71.8% to the District's population, to a daytime population of over one
million people.


The Washington Metro Area, which includes the suburbs of Maryland and Virginia, is the seventh-largest
metropolitan area in the US, with over 5.5 million residents in 2010. The Baltimore-Washington Metro area has
a population of over 8.5 million residents, the fourth-largest combined area in the nation.


Mayor Vincent C. Gray celebrated the District’s growth in a news release: “It’s no secret that the District is one of
the most dynamic cities in the country and that we have made significant efforts to grow and diversify our
economy,” he said. “It certainly looks like those efforts are working.”

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