DC Center Key Objectives

The DC Center China is a public-private partnership that supports and provides a bridge for growing

US interests with China, focusing on the following areas:


Investment Attraction:

  The DC Center actively pursues Chinese investment into the District by marketing District

  development opportunities to Chinese companies and potential investors.

Export Trade:

  The DC Center China provides services to District businesses seeking to enter the Chinese

  market with a range of “general services” available to participating District businesses.


  The DC Center China provides services to District-based institutions of higher education that

  seek to attract Chinese students or develop local programs and partners.

Special Projects:

  The DC Center China provides support for special projects of the District of Columbia that pertain

  to economic development. These projects may include: partnership with Chinese cities, participation

  in targeted trade shows, sustainability initiatives or other priorities.

Destination Marketing:

  The DC Center China will work to market Washington, DC as a tourist destination for Chinese visitors.

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